MENAS Colloquium Series, Fall 2011

Fr, Aug 26                 Detecting language crimes: The possible contribution of forensic linguistics
                                   Basim Jasim, University of Mosul, Iraq

Th, Sept 1                On Kurdish orthography: The Arabic script vs the Latin alphabet debate
                                   Zana Muhammad, University of Suleimani, Kurdistan-Iraq                               

Fr, Sept 23               Toleration and diversity in the Turkish nation-state
                                   Bican Şahin, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

Fr, Sept 30               Western Intervention in Libya and the Responsibility to Protect
                                   David Gibbs, Dept of History, UA

Fr, Oct 14                 Shoot-outs for the nation: Soccer and politics in post-colonial Moroccan-Algerian relations
                                   Aomar Boum, School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, UA

Fr, Oct 28                 Al-Sayyid: A Language Blooms in the Desert
                                   Mark Aronoff, Dept of Linguistics, Stony Brook University

Fr, Nov 18                 Barbary Coast: How Mediterraneans came to be
                                   Dr. Julia Clancy-Smith, Dept of History, UA                     


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