Reimbursement for films used for research


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies has limited funds to reimburse current University of Arizona undergraduate or graduate students for purchasing or renting a film for legitimate research purposes. The research must be in some way related to the Middle East or North Africa. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funds are expended.


Films that are accessible for free through sources like the University of Arizona Library or Pima County Public Library streaming services are not eligible. I can get you free access to films available on IMVBox through the end of the Spring 2021 semester while subscriptions last; send an email to


We can reimburse a film for up to $50. In all cases, an itemized receipt showing that you paid for this film is required before reimbursement can be processed, but you do not have to make the purchase before applying. Once approved, reimbursement will be processed promptly.


Filling out this application does not guarantee reimbursement. Students will be chosen based on the strength of their applications and on available funds.



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