Arabic Language Exposure for Teachers' Personal Learning

Arabic Language Exposure Modules
The modules below were created for K-12 educators who want to learn about the Arabic language. These are by no means comprehensive course materials; rather, they serve to expose educators to the Arabic langauge so that they can begin learning on their own. These modules draw on a variety of free materials that can be found on the internet as well as materials created by the author. Through teachers' own learning, they can also share this content with their students by creating mini lesson plan modules. 

Arabic language exposure modules include beginner and intermediate levels for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Levantine dialect. 

Modules created and compiled by Renee Spellman


MSA Beginner's Module-Overview of the Arabic Language
  • Module 1 
MSA Beginner's Module-Learning to Speak: Greetings
  • Module 2 
MSA Beginner's Module-Learning to Speak: Asking Basic Questions
  • Module 3 
MSA Beginner's Module-Writing: Learning the Alphabet
  • Module 4 
MSA Beginner's Module-Writing: Learning the Alphabet and How to Write the Letters
  • Module 5 
MSA Beginner's Module-Writing: Learning to Connect the Letters and Long and Short Vowels
  • Module 6


For further study and other resources:

For formal Arabic study, please check out the University of Arizona School of Middle East and North African Studies Arabic language program and the Arabic summer intensive program websites.

Fun Introductory Arabic Language Exposure Modules for your K-12 students

Counting in Arabic

By, Katharine Mitchell
Lesson Grade: K-12
For students to recognize the Arabic language numbers 1-10
Four Corners - Yes, No , Maybe, and I Don't know
By, Pren Woods
Level Grade: K-12
Students will learn how to respond, in Arabic, in four different ways ("yes", "no" "maybe", or I don't  know). Ultimately, students will use these responses throughout the year in different classroom contexts.
Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet: Pronouncing Arabic Consonants
By, Michelle Rich
Lesson Grade: K-12
Students will be able to pronounce each consonant of the Arabic alphabet.


Tour of Arabic Place Names in the United States

By, Victoria Vicente and Arlene Medina
Lesson Grade: 3-12
Students will integrate Arabic language by identifying places within the United States that have connections to the Middle East.
Write your name in Arabic, in 6 easy steps!
By, Michelle Oleary
Lesson Grade: 6-12 with adaptations
For all students to learn to translate and write their name in Arabic.
Have a Conversation, in Arabic!
By, Kara McMillan
Lesson Grade: 9-12 (adaptable for younger grades)
Students will learn some basic Arabic phrases that will allow them to have a conversation with an Arabic speaker.

A website with basic Arabic phrases in the Gulf dialect: click here