Affiliation Guidelines

(Approved by the Governing Board, February 2005)

The University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) offers UA Faculty and Affiliated membership to faculty members and professionals whose research and career interests intersect with the Center’s mission to further understanding and knowledge of the Middle East through teaching, research, and community outreach. UA Faculty and Affiliated members include those who have contributed to and/or are active professionally within the regional Middle Eastern Studies community.

UA Faculty membership is available automatically to current UA faculty in Judaic Studies and Near Eastern Studies. Membership for faculty in other UA departments whose interests include Middle Eastern Studies is available upon requestor invitation. Affiliation is normally for the duration of faculty members’ professional careers within the UA. Upon retirement from the UA, faculty members are listed as Emerita/us Faculty Members.

Affiliated Member status is available to active or retired faculty of other institutions ( U.S. or abroad), and others with broad professional experience in the Middle East. Affiliation is reviewed on an annual basis, or otherwise decided upon by the CMES Governing Board.

The Center asks that individuals seeking UA Faculty or Affiliated membership provide a curriculum vitae or résumé summarizing their academic/professional history and a cover letter discussing the following items:

(1) relevance of the applicant’s background to the Center’s mission and his/her reasons for the proposed membership; and

(2) proposed Center-related activities to be undertaken while a UA Faculty or Affiliated Member.

UA Faculty and Affiliated Member status grants use of CMES facilities and, to the extent permitted by university regulations, provides access to UA libraries and computing facilities. UA Faculty and Affiliated Member status does not include office space, university health insurance, financial or clerical support. 

Applications for Affiliated membership are reviewed and are subject to approval by the CMES Governing Board, to which all applications should be addressed.

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