JANUARY 19, 2012
Marshall Building, 4th floor
845 N. Park Avenue
Tucson, AZ


Reception: 3.30PM

Come celebrate the opening of this year's photography exhibit, with 45 colorful images from around the Middle East and North Africa.

This is the 21st photography exhibit hosted by CMES. This year's exhibit, TRANSITIONS, has images that exemplify Middle East transitions and portray ongoing changes in Middle Eastern and North African societies and environments.

The photo on the right, "Minarets and Satellite Dishes" by Michael Zaccaria (taken in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010) is an example of one of the photos. Others come from more than 20 countries in the region and were selected from more than 250 submissions.

The photo below, entitled "An-Nakba," was taken by Sam McNeil in the West Bank in May of this year.

Catering for this reception is by Zayna Mediterranean Café.


Presentation:  5.00PM

“Yezidi Kurds, Still in Transition”

Rob Leutheuser, photographer

A photographic and personal journey through Yezidi  communities In the greater Middle East and beyond.

Leutheuser first visited the greater Middle East in 1997, and has since been a very frequent visitor and guest. He is a photographer of cultures, and his attentions have been absorbed by the Kurdish peoples. His travels among the Kurds have increasingly become journeys of the camera, heart, and mind.

More of Leutheuser's work can be found at his website, Beyond Borders Photography.


events are free & open to the public





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