Christian Sinclair

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Assistant Director


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Marshall 470

Assistant Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Director, Arizona in Jordan

Research Interests: 

Kurdish Studies, particularly: Kurdish media, Syrian Kurdish politics, language policy and planning, ethnic identity & nationalism; human rights; minority rights.

Selected Publications: 

Media freedoms and covert diplomacy: Turkey challenges Europe over Kurdish broadcasts. Global Media and Communication, December 2014. (forthcoming)

Oil for Sovereignty? America, Iraq, and Kurdistan. SISMEC, 08 September 2014.

Kurds Will No Longer "Be Quiet." Kurdish Review, 1 (4), December 2011.

The Evolution of Kurdish Politics in Syria, Middle East Report, 31 August 2011.

Syrian Kurds in Europe, 2010: Migration, Asylum, and Deportation. Kurdistan Commentary, 19 December 2010.

Courses Taught: 

Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Contemporary Ethnography of the Middle East (offered through Arizona in Jordan in Amman)